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The activity of our company is the manufacture of products made from barrier foil PA/PE, PET/PE, OPA/PE, LDPE used for vacuum packing machines, thermoforming and vacuum packers. We produce packaging according to supplied specifications and in accordance with customer expectations. Our bags are used both in the packaging of foodstuffs and in industry. Our company implements new technologies and modernizing its machinery in order to be able to customize the type and quality of their products to the constantly changing market requirements. In our business we primarily on the quality and consistency of the product, fast and very well organized logistics.


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Certificates, emblems and awards in European program “Go To Global Business

Entrepreneur is certified by: AUTHORIZED GLOBAL BUSINESS

Authorized Global Business | AuthorizedB2B.com
We are licensed and certified manufacturing company in the global European program “Go To Global Business”
With a positive result passed a detailed audit, and all elements of the verification in accordance with the procedure adopted authorization and take an active part this program. Our offer in the program on the website GlobAgency.com. program run by the “Global Authorization Service” Portal AuthorizedB2B.com.


Authorized Company | AuthorizedB2B.com Authorized Company:  Part I accession to the certificate “Authorized Global Business” This section is a confirmation of the authenticity of data, credibility, integrity and reliability of the company, and the desire to acquire Global Partner of the market, preparing to serve customers and international proposals. Verified Global Offers | AuthorizedB2B.com Verified Global Offers:  Final stage of receipt of the certificate “Authorized Global Business” The aim is to verify the content and presentation of the offer global company, verification of products for the global offering, the conditions for receipt / delivery, picking contained information taking into account standards for bidding in international trade, and the designation of the target potential partners, suppliers / customers in the global market. Global Business Partner | PartnerB2B.com Global Business Partner: The implementation phase of the “Go To Global Business” The aim of this program is acquiring partners operating globally, importers, exporters and distributors in the acquisition of raw materials production and markets for the continent / country designation of potential partners, suppliers / customers to cooperate in the international market .





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