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We are an unique company, always ahead of Your expectations and needs !

EUopen name is in fact European Union Open. As the name points we are focused on B2B processes in the area of Europe. Starting from Kazakhstan, Russian Tatarstan, through Poland to Ireland and United Kingdom. We also have achievements in intercontinental exchange of goods and services. Our exeptional area of interests is francophone part of North Africa.
Our actions, and so actions of our cooperants and partners are focused on innovative techniques, pioneer and creative way of of delivering high class products and services to our present and future clients.
We are making researches in the area of B2B. We are taking part of many initiatives, which help us to develop in preferred directions. Our services are complex. We are focusing our efforts on unique products, modern and matched with business models of our clients.
The direction we are going was chosen and supported by many years of experience, professionalism of the team and also determination and effectiveness in making business and chosing cooperants in Poland and aboroad.
We are implementing “partnership strategy” in many countries, to accelerate the development, improve the logistics, introduce the innovations and constantly strenghten the possibilities of organising and cooperating with our partners in whole Europe.
We are still looking for opportunities of developement for our techniques, technology and products. We are focusing on our partners development in the area of gaining products to our clients and distribution on European market through mass trade, wholesale and retail.

We invite you to use our services !

Global Trading Platform - EUopen | Glob Agency – Global Authorized Services

Authorized Global Business | – Global Digital Marketing for Business

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Global Business Partner Program

Global Business Partner Program | Glob Agency

RPR Technologies -Induction disbonding system | Authorized Partner

RPR Technologies -Induction disbonding system | Glob Agency

Certificates, emblems and awards in European program “Go To Global Business

Entrepreneur is certified by: AUTHORIZED GLOBAL BUSINESS

Authorized Global Business |
We are licensed and certified manufacturing company in the global European program “Go To Global Business”
With a positive result passed a detailed audit, and all elements of the verification in accordance with the procedure adopted authorization and take an active part this program. Our offer in the program on the website program run by the “Global Authorization Service” Portal


Authorized Company | Authorized Company:  Part I accession to the “Authorized Global Business” certificate This section is a verified confirmation of the data’s authenticity, reliability, reliability and solidity of the company and its management, as well as the desire to acquire a global market partner, preparation for customer service and international proposals.

Verified Global Offers | Verified Global Offers:  Final stage of receipt of the certificate “Authorized Global Business” The aim is to verify the content and presentation of the offer global company, verification of products for the global offering, the conditions for receipt / delivery, picking contained information taking into account standards for bidding in international trade, and the designation of the target potential partners, suppliers / customers in the global market.

Global Business Partner | Global Business Partner: The implementation phase of the “Go To Global Business” The aim of this program is acquiring partners operating globally, importers, exporters and distributors in the acquisition of raw materials production and markets for the continent / country designation of potential partners, suppliers / customers to cooperate in the international market .


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