MWK Trade is a company with domestic and international trade of goods. The company bases its work on a variety of business relationships obtained during long-term support of business on the plane forwarding and logistics and customs.
At present MWK Trade is engaged in importing and distributing various goods from CIS countries. We only work with suppliers of goods of the highest quality who can offer them at competitive prices, taking into account the specificities of each market.

MWK Trade

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Short and long-term storage of goods not covered by customs procedures.
The service is dedicated primarily to producers or sellers of goods requiring temporary storage and storing for future distribution. By dividing the building into separate rooms with independent entrances, we can adapt the storage space to the specific needs of customers. We help them prepare a timetable admissions / release of the goods and take care of the proper conduct of the distribution process. On request, we can observe part of the building, which will have access only client. We have experience in storing goods from the electronics industry, textile and many others.
A temporary storage warehouse.
Bearing in mind the proximity of the border crossing part of the building has the status of a temporary storage warehouse. Storage space has been properly adapted to meet the stringent requirements of the Customs Office. This enables us to keep the goods imported or exported around the world. Infrastructure building allows us to efficiently unload goods from refrigerated trucks, containers, curtains, etc. We are also handling from car to car. The benefits of storage of goods in temporary storage include:
– the ability to collect goods for customs status for later shipment abroad
– the ability to receive goods in batches
– the possibility of storing goods without having to regulate duties
Logistic Services.
To provide comprehensive services provide a range of services related to logistics goods. On behalf of clients pick up shipments from all European sea ports and airports, also we carry out customs clearance (export, import, transit using customs documents and transport: CMR, EX, TIR, T1) and organize transportation.
On request, we can-assembled goods, and lead their distribution.

Comprehensive service imports from China.

On the basis of many years of experience in handling projects related to the import of goods from China both for the company and on behalf of its customers, we are able to offer comprehensive services of import orders from China. Given the complexity of the process of purchasing goods produced in distant parts of the globe MWK Trade wishes to support Polish entrepreneurs at every stage.
1. ConsultationsThe first stage of the project is the initial consultation with the client. We define a plan according to which will carry out the entire process from purchase to transport. Here now we are trying to determine the operating costs of the entire project, procedures and documents required for marketing authorization in the EU, methods and transport costs, etc.
2. Clarification of the needs of the customer. Together with the client we determine precisely the exact features and parameters which is characterized by the finished product. At this stage, the client presents the materials, the price range and quality requirements.
3. Election of manufacturers.
Based on the findings to date information via our agents we conduct a thorough analysis of the production capacity of individual factories. A carefully selected group of producers meeting the requirements will be presented to the client who makes the final selection.
4. Surveillance of the production process.
Through its network of cooperating agents we are able to oversee production at every stage in every Chinese province. On request, we prepare production reports documented with photographs.
5. Quality control and consolidation of goods.
Before the departure of the goods carefully check compliance of the manufactured goods with the order. At this stage, the goods are packed and prepared for shipment.
6. Organization of transport.
Depending on shipment volume and individual customer needs we organize sea or air freight.
7. The customs clearance and delivery of goods to the customer.
We deal with complex preparation of documentation required for marketing authorization in the EU or in transit. Dismissed the goods are delivered to the address designated by the customer.

Certificates, emblems and awards in European program “Go To Global Business

Entrepreneur is certified by: AUTHORIZED GLOBAL BUSINESS

Authorized Global Business |
We are licensed and certified manufacturing company in the global European program “Go To Global Business”
With a positive result passed a detailed audit, and all elements of the verification in accordance with the procedure adopted authorization and take an active part this program. Our offer in the program on the website program run by the “Global Authorization Service” Portal


Authorized Company | Authorized Company:  Part I accession to the “Authorized Global Business” certificate This section is a verified confirmation of the data’s authenticity, reliability, reliability and solidity of the company and its management, as well as the desire to acquire a global market partner, preparation for customer service and international proposals.

Verified Global Offers | Verified Global Offers:  Final stage of receipt of the certificate “Authorized Global Business” The aim is to verify the content and presentation of the offer global company, verification of products for the global offering, the conditions for receipt / delivery, picking contained information taking into account standards for bidding in international trade, and the designation of the target potential partners, suppliers / customers in the global market.

Global Business Partner | Global Business Partner: The implementation phase of the “Go To Global Business” The aim of this program is acquiring partners operating globally, importers, exporters and distributors in the acquisition of raw materials production and markets for the continent / country designation of potential partners, suppliers / customers to cooperate in the international market .



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