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About program: “Go To Global Business”

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We build your credibility …
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In the last few years produced on the internet as much information as the whole of humanity from the beginning of human life, the trend of increasing.
The development of Internet technology to create, present and exchange information, the universality of access, multilingual translations are just some of the growing and inevitable globalization in establishing partnerships and trade.

The key to success is authorized information !

Show everyone who you are …
… and what is your offer !

“Global Multichannel B2B Trading Platform”, leading idea is the European program “Go To Global Business !.”
The program is designed primarily for authorized companies and verified offers customers, partners, companies, people and institutions operating on the international market. Entrepreneurs seeking collaboration, business partners, markets, purchasing products, raw materials or customers from other countries, continents and regions of the world.
The aim of the program is the integration of business partners and verified users, multichannel presentation, advertising, marketing, promotion, and effective product to support small and medium business on a global scale.

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Elements of qualification in the program:


Confirm Who are you ?
… Let everyone will see your credibility !

Companiens Authorization Global Company Authorization

Company Authorization (Certification Part One)

Part I accession to the certificate “Authorized Global Trader” This part is a confirmation of the authenticity of data, credibility, integrity and reliability of the company, and the desire to acquire Global Partner of the market, preparing to serve customers and international proposals.

Free Verifikation

Return procedure for the verification and authorization, review your information translate and publish in your account in our platform.
A simple and transparent procedure for Registration, Verification and Authorization of your business, allows for quick and proceedings of obtaining Authorization, and the transition to certification and labeling “AUTHORIZED GLOBAL TRADER”, your information will translate and publish in your account in our platform. The certificate and emblems can be placed on any web page, social networking, information materials, goods or services offered.

Company Authorization

Key benefits:

Do you want to promote a brand ? To gain recognition in the market ?
Raise the prestige of your company ? You are honest entrepreneur ?

Join the international companies authenticated and verified business users. Verification gives you a unique prestige in trade and in the international market. Presentation of the company, its achievements, departments, branches and their representatives and presentation of direct contact information. On behalf of users access to the reports of the companies. International ratings, comments, opinions. Notifications companies interested in cooperation or proposals for business partners and potential partners. Language translation. Checking the credibility of potential partners in the verified database of Authorized companies and their representatives. Advertising and marketing campaigns.

Authentication procedure:

Registration – companies and institutions will report back to you with the application authorization. Verification of the information provided (possible correction, completion data) Acceptance of authorization, preparing a presentation of the company and verified global offering. Edition and publishing Certificates and badges, Other optional activities and on-demand services.

Business Process Authorization

.: Welcome to cooperate :.


Show your offer !
… Let everyone see your Business !

Companiens Authorization Global Business Partner
Verification global offer ( Part II procedure … Part of the second and final entry into the program)

The second part is read and verify the contents and presentation of the offer global company, verification of products for the global offering, the conditions for receipt / delivery, picking contained information taking into account standards for bidding in international trade, and to determine the target of potential partners, suppliers / customers in the global market.

Free Verifikation

You act or wish to act globally? …

Offering its customers deliver products offer in a condensed form, using standard formulas and phrases, so that above all, the information is complete and sufficient to deal with your offer by our team, our partners, and a decision by the end customer!

 (International Chamber of Commerce - The World Business Organization) (International Chamber of Commerce – The World Business Organization)

In International Trade apply the rules and standards recognized throughout the world, where you have to use if you want to act effectively, and your bids are to be taken seriously, as you should also require these standards from their suppliers, contractors and bidders.
Underlying example would be:
Incoterms 2010 – International Commercial Terms ” Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (International Chamber of Commerce), and published as “INCOTERMS 2000 – 2010 ”
B2B offer documents such as: (Letter of Intent (LOI), Soft Corporate Offer (SCO), Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure and Working Agreement (NCND) Irrevocable Confirmed Purchase Order (ICPO), Full Corporate Offer (FCO), etc.), photos
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Over 85% of all electronic business transactions carried out using EDI. Typology of EDI Direct – where the whole business transaction is done exclusively by the network. Indirect – searching for goods, services, new customers, send the documents held by the network, while the supply of products takes place directly.
Hybrydowy- used temporarily various transitional forms, depending on the infrastructure
Logistics Centres: sales through logistics center – a specialized economic structure of the area on a tight grouping a large collection of bodies specialized in the organization and physical mass flow of goods. It is public. It is a contact point between supply and demand of logistics and transport.
Dropshipping The two main benefits of dropshipping is a lack of top-down order to allocate money in the commodity and regular cash flow. Other benefits include: getting rid of the problems of storage, reducing costs to protect property and its transportation, speed of delivery, the opportunity to focus on other aspects of business, payment for the goods (shop-warehouse) only then when a customer makes a payment to the store.

Weryfikacja Oferty Globalnej VERYFICATION GLOBAL OFFER – Key benefits:

  • Verified international business deals, authorized by our companies are presented and highlighted in our potralach theme.
  • The presentations are published in the relevant industries and categories with emblem and certificates.
  • Our partners and Members receive notification of their inclusion and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Offer Directional is designed for a specific market, designated by the owner of the offer (continent / country / region).
  • The revised offer can participate in the “Product Manager” where our team and our partners obligatorily involved in the promotion and effectiveness of reaching the target market of the potential recipient.

Business Process Authorization

.: Welcome to cooperate :.


They use tools !
… View all its global products and offers !

Global Business Partner Global Business Partner

Certificates, emblems and designations authorization, membership, robustness, reliability and trust.

Received emblems are intended for publication: global portals AuthorizedB2B.com, TrustedB2B.com, GlobAgency.com, AgencyB2B.com, and in any targeted location on the Internet, printed marketing materials (letterheads, flyers, brochures, advertisements, catalogs, stickers, packaging …), television, newspapers, and other selected your electronic media format emblem is in the form of an editable script for pasting, clicking published online character will automatically redirect you to report about your company, placed on the site at [AuthorizedB2B. com, TrustedB2B.com]

Authorized Global Business in the program: “Go To Global Business”

Authorized Global Business
Finalization of the procedure, to receive a certificate providing emblems and banners to promote your business and offers.
… What will we do about it ? and what do you get ?

  • We create a website for an individual profile of your business on our platform and its individual services.
  • We create your offer, or the offer, placed in the directory of authorized and verified listings of granted certificates and emblems.
  • We create personalized SEO for global search engines in conjunction with the thematic portals and social networks.
  • We translate all materials on the compulsory English language and the language of your potential Global Partner
  • We send a notification with information about your offer to potential partners and customers
  • Our Service “Product Manager” allows the individual in a continuous system or a transactional deal with your offer and products in the international market, and the constant search for partners to set your markets on a global scale.

Global Multichannel Platform

Join the the Program,We invite you to cooperation !


Become a partner !
… Build us a global presence of your and your Customers !

Global Business Partner

Distinctions, markings and emblems of the “Global Business Partner”

Global Business Partner

Global Business Partner in the program: “Go To Global Business”

Global Business Partner (Individual Partnership Program)
Global Partnership Program only for the current holders of the certificate “Authorized Global Trader” and get all the attributes of this title, also attractive commissions for the effective operation of all transactions carried out with the participation of platforms, from clients platform, as well as with other Global Partners.
What else is in the package ?

  • Active participation in the activities of operating platforms, access to full information about products and customers, the “Product Manager” and “Project Manager” in the chosen product offers and projects whoever you are and wherever you are.
  • You and your bid and offer your customers are highlighted on all channels of the platform.
  • Products and services platform, products and customers and partners platforms are buying at wholesale prices.
  • Individual Partnership agreement, taking into account your industry, company and location, reports and notifications about companies and offers
  • Many, even other benefits that are specifically agreed upon individually, or they are on the “Global Business Partner”

Glob Agency

.: Welcome to cooperate :.

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